What’s Hot Marylebone?

From Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street to boujee French cuisine, we track the cultural and foodie delights of Marylebone. We discovered a streetful of antique shops as well as high-end boutiques, indie bookshops and backstreet art galleries. But which are our chosen hotspots?

So, What’s Hot Marylebone?


Madame Tussauds

It doesn’t take long to find out why there’s a glitzy red carpet entrance. The wall-to-wall Who’s Who of waxwork celebrities and public figures will excite and delight, regardless of whether you’re a Star Wars fan sitting in the Mos Eisley cantina with Han Solo or protesting outside No.10 Downing Street wth suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. A waxwork of rapper Stormzy stands next to Shakespeare’s in a Battle of the Bards and the imposing and chiselled figure of boxer Anthony Joshua joins the wax-honoured ranks. The full line up of James Bonds is a visitor favourite to rival the Royal Family, who remain a big attraction even after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.


Sherlock Holmes Museum

It is situated at 221B Baker Street, the real address of the fictional detective and is the world’s first Sherlock Holmes museum. The museum recreates the decor and atmosphere of the Georgian townhouse he rented when hunting down the likes of Professor Moriarty. The gruesome murder finds in some of the rooms in this four-storey space make it something of a House of Horrors.


Alfie’s Antique Market

It’s situated on a street full of antique shops but Alfie’s Antique Market stands out for its bazaar-style vibe and extensive range of bohemian bits and bobs. This quaintly put together art deco building houses cheek by jowl shop units selling everything from African art and carvings to rare collectibles and curiosities. Even more curiously, the life-size Great White Shark dangling from the ceiling doesn’t look out of place in this wonderfully offbeat emporium from decades (centuries?) past.


Lisson Gallery

This hidden gem tucked away on a quiet secondary street is a remarkable find. The popping, striking works on display are curated with distinction and discovery in mind. Exhibitions by established and emerging artists on all three floors.


Aubaine Marylebone

There’s a touch of class about this French restaurant. This fine dining spot has floor to ceiling windows, a low lit romantic vibe and a wine selection that holds its own in this Gallic-flavoured corner of Marylebone. Intimate dining with that special one, for sure. The boujee prices are in keeping with the quality cuisine and the upmarket neighbourhood.





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