Chase The Moon! Make Autumn Your Breakthrough Season as a First-Time 5k or 10k London Jogger

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For most hesitant first-time joggers and keep-fit wannabes, autumn is when they are looking forward to the comforts of the countdown to the festive season and the even greater comfort of setting that New Year’s keep fit resolution. Yes, that same resolution they ditch two weeks into January.

The best way to avoid that recurring problem is to be already committed to your run routine well before Santa Claus parks his reindeer in your drive way. Break the pattern and enjoy new results. Wasn’t it Einstein who said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?                                                                           

For anyone getting cold feet about signing up for an official 5k or 10k London run with organisations such as Runthrough, you are allowed to walk the whole distance – or part of it. Also there are a wide range of abilities from beginners to advanced and these running organisations are well-prepared for the different levels. So don’t use that as an excuse.

And if you want more motivation, Runthrough’s Chase The Moon event at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford on Nov 13 rewards ALL participants with a Chase The Moon-themed medal, free race photographs of you crossing the finish line as well as treats like fruits and flapjacks. They have other events all over London including Battersea Park, Victoria Park, Lee Valley VeloPark, Finsbury Park and Wimbledon Common.

A few cheeky laps in the local park will prepare you but nothing beats the exhilaration of participating in event runs like these where the endorphin rush is much higher than as a solo runner so your desire to run again will be more infectious.

Benefits of running

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Burns calories
  • Strengthens bones
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Strengthens joints
  • Improves mental health and mood through release of endorphins
  • Improves brain’s motor function and memory
  • Reduces cancer risk
  • What’s Hot London? editor Eddie Saint-Jean

What’s Hot London? editor and keen jogger Eddie Saint-Jean will share his experiences on the run and show you how regular jogging can be a valuable addition to your keep fit programme. There’ll be updates on training as well as photos and videos on run day itself so that you can get a feel for these events before you participate for the first time.

Make November your jogger breakthrough month where you commit to being a regular runner rather than a New Year’s two-week warrior.

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