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On October 5, 2015
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There’s just something about the air in Mayfair, one of London’s busiest business and shopping districts, home to some of the best 5 star hotels, retail chains, clubs and restaurants. Think Mayfair, think classy. Splash the cash for sure.

Parallel to Berkley square, on Conduit street, adjacent to the 5 star Westbury Hotel is a small nondescript looking door bearing the sign No 41.  Mayfair fashion police emphasize on a dress code that is smart and elegant with high heels for women.  The high heels  is a bit unfair on some tibia or  fibula. If you are the type who isn’t bothered by fashion diktats, be sure to wear loads of confidence and if you’d rather not risk being turned away or even  consider yourself a regular, practical London girl, aim for a  win-win by carrying an extra pair of stylish flats in your handbag.The men have it relatively easy with smart dressing. Throw in a smart blazer and they are pretty much in.

Descending two flights of stairs into the basement marks your arrival into No 41. Splashes of red and gold greet you everywhere. Bright red sofas on either side of a rectangular hall leads to a rather small looking bar on the right at the rear end. Do not be misled by the size of the bar as it supposedly churns out 41 different types of cocktails. Although there is a food menu, there isn’t a kitchen in sight and and this is because the food is catered by the adjacent Westbury Hotel, which means food has to be pre-ordered. There are some more red and gold regular and circular settees and  tables closer to the bar area. Dim lights from heavy gold chandeliers, velvet upholstery and French art on the walls set the mood to an intimate one.

After you’ve sipped that drink and absorbed the luxurious, opulent ambiance, you’ll figure No 41 isn’t one of those typical nightclubs. It’s more of a cocktail lounge suitable for a  soirée but  can just as easily turn into a clubbing hove with the DJ spinning house tracks if you don’t mind dancing on a carpeted floor. At one point though, our event host  requested the guests to keep the sound down as there was a hotel upstairs. More suitable for a discerning, mature, exclusive crowd aged 30+ than the regular club hopping night owls used to loud thumping, banging music, late night grub and textathons as the mobile network coverage at club 41 sure leaves much to be desired.


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