Restrictions in place as London and UK Enters ‘Lockdown’

As it was announced on Monday 23rd March, by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, there would be stricter rules in place to the country. Although never using the term lockdown, it is for intents and purposes one and in place for three weeks.

Once the three weeks is up however they will review the situation and make further decisions when the time comes, this could mean it gets extended, stricter or taken away. To help stop the spread of the Coronavirus Boris pleaded with the country to stay at home, for the weekend before saw many flocking to the beaches, parks and not practicing the stay at home advice at all.

This lockdown is backed with a police authority where if people are found to be out of the house for a non-essential reason they will be given a fine of £30. But despite instructions given on the broadcast from the Prime Minister there are still some clarifications that have had to clear up exactly what reasons you’re allowed to go out for.

Initially, the announcement said that you can only go out if you are: shopping for basic necessities, one form of exercise a day, any medical need to provide care for the vulnerable, and travelling to work and only if it’s necessary and cannot be done from home.

Boris goes on to clear up some immediate questions within his five minute announcement that received a large viewership as the nation tuned into find themselves in a lockdown. The clarifications of shopping is that you can only go out for essentials like food or medicine and only when absolutely needed.

You should also not be meeting friends or family members that do not live in your home. This simply means you cannot travel between households, unless you are under 18 and have separated parents in which case the handoff should only be from car to door between parent and nobody else should be getting out of the car. There are some that will need to travel between their house to maybe visit their family members, and this is only allowed if they are under your care for medical reasons, otherwise it is against the rules in place during this ‘lockdown’.

Since Monday though, it was released that further allowances are to be made for other essential trips outside. Which are as follows: Giving Blood, walking your dog and this counts as your one exercise per day so if you have more than one member in your household it’s advised to take it in turns to allow for more walks, and as mentioned previously children going to their parents houses. If you cannot abide by these and these restrictions alone you face either a fine or police action if found to be outside for non-essential activities.

If you have a partner in a different house you could isolate together but only from Monday, you may not visit them or self-isolate with them now, meaning you also cannot travel between each other’s houses.

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