Coronavirus Developments: School’s Out Until Further Notice

It was announced by Gavin Williamson on Wednesday in the House Of Commons that schools across the UK will be closing from Friday 20th March. Exams have been cancelled for the time being, while more discussions take place to figure out how to move forward.

Boris Johnson said that schools will close “until further notice”, and pupils whose parents are key workers, such as medical staff and supermarket staff will still have to go to school. This is to provide adequate childcare and not strain services of key staff at a time of a pandemic. 

The questions many have on their minds are, what about those students expected to take their exams in the coming weeks and months? It’s been rumoured that A Level and GCSE students will be handed their predicted grades rather than examining at all. Schools have warned both parents and students to continue studying and preparing for these exams while they too await further instructions from the government.

We have seen from all over the globe where classes are being held online and over video call apps and software, in conjunction with the advice to self-isolate. Now the UK will face the same fate with schools being shut indefinitely and classes held online to accommodate the escalating measures put in place.

A sight we may have to get familiar with as tubes close for London Lockdown

London on Lockdown

Which leads to a large development in progress to place London into lockdown. While the city prepares for this tube stations have been closed and measures such as this will continue and escalate accordingly until it is on full lockdown. As mentioned before, the Coronavirus is spreading faster in London than any other area in the UK.

A lockdown like we’ve seen in Italy is a must to help toward the fight to eradicate the Coronavirus. Of which Boris Johnson believe we can “turn the tide” on the disease within 12 weeks with the plans in place and upcoming. If this is the case we would likely see a decline in the rise of cases within a few weeks; yet shops still have queues and empty shelves from the high demand of shoppers across the country.

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