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On February 22, 2017
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Essex-born photographer Ian Treherne has a degenerative eye condition which vignette’s out most of his peripheral vision. He has used this in his approach to his work and it certainly gives his creativity a defining personal quality. You’ll pretty quickly notice which of his works at this exhibition at Fiumano Projects best captures this unique perspective on the world.

Indeed, ‘Simi’ one of the first photos you see as you enter the front gallery, is the portrait of a black male and cropped so tightly that his hairline, ears and chin disappear in the darkness. This spotlit face breaches the shadows with an expression one can best describe as contemplative.

‘Sleep’, which captures a female nude’s back as she lies on her side, also has this cameo lighting style and there’s a hint of it in ‘Back’ with the female nude now sitting upright. However, apart from these, his eye condition’s perspective is never obvious in any of the other singularly titled works on display.

What is more apparent is his self-confessed love of vintage cinema. The sepia-toned filter on Gaze captures a 1930s woman in a flapper girl hat gazing through a window on the upper floors of an undisclosed building. The sunlight marks out her headwear with a halo effect and bathes the wallpaper in gold.

The natural lighting approach in Gaze is juxtaposed with the strong, intense directional chiaroscuro in the portrait of a bearded male (Beard) on the wall opposite. This brighter lighting is also used in his portrait of singer Lisa Stansfield, with the glare so uncompromising that it serves as a candid portrayal of character and expression beyond the veils of celebrity.

“My mission as an artist is to find my place in the ever evolving society in which we live. I have never felt I ‘fitted” Ian Treherne

Ian Treherne: Release at Fiumano Projects Wren St, WC1X 0HF. 5th Feb-10th March

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