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Trying to bag tickets to watch Merchant of Venice at the Globe theatre in the summer sun and it’s all sold out? Don’t worry, why not go one step beyond and write your own stage classic and sell out your local community hall in the sun! Not appealing enough? Too much hard work? Well even Shakespeare had to start somewhere. Be like the master dramatists and plant your playwriting seed before season’s end and watch it blossom this year. If you’re truly seeking a creative outlet for your unexpressed play-writing skills check out these hot opportunities in London.

 The Rose Unfolds (Rose Playhouse)

And keeping with the Shakespeare theme, where do you the think the great man started off? Right here that’s where. The Rose was the cradle of Elizabethan theatre and Marlowe perfected his craft here as well. This playhouse on Bankside is now hosting The Rose Untold Project which features a monthly scratch night to nurture playwriting talent. Submitted plays must be between 15 to 20 minutes in length.

‘Take the Floor!’ (Chelsea Theatre)

Monday Club is on the look out for ten minute plays for its first scratch night on October 16th. Audience feedback is gathered during the performance and presented at the close of the evening.  Submissions from film-makers, musicians, dancers and artists are also considered.

 Stitchin’ Fiction (The Boogaloo, Islington)

Writers are encouraged to workshop their short plays with actors who only see the script on the night it’s performed. And if that isn’t enough of a challenge you also have to have it ready within an hour. Theres also a Q & A with the audience – handy if you’re seeking feedback to keep you on the right track. Pop along on Monday September 19th to check it out.

 Theatre in the Pound (The Cockpit, Marylebone)

A scratch performing slot at this venue includes rehearsal space and professional tech rehearsals. This award winning showcase of new actors, writers and directors pulls out all the stops to ensure your fifteen minute performance is appreciated. And audience Q&A afterwards!

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