• Valentine’s Day – Was It Always Like This? [VIDEO]
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    The idea that Valentine’s Day has become a capitalist ritual of perverse consumerism is not a new one, we’ve known about this for years. But less is known about how this came to be. When exactly did Valentine’s Day turn from a day of Catholic celebration into a day of stress and anxiety for millions […]

  • Protests at Trump State Visit (VIDEO)
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    On the second day of President Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK thousands took to the streets in protest. What’s Hot London? reporter Calum went down to catch all the action! What’s Hot London?

  • London History Day at the LMA
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    Saturday 31st is the day Big Ben’s bells first rang out and thus it became London History Day. Calum went down to the London Metropolitan Archives for series of events all about the history of London, take a look!

  • 5 Things to Look Out For on Eurovision
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    That’s right, Eurovision is back! On Saturday night the 64th edition of the competition will be broadcast from Tel Aviv, Israel. Eurovision has always entertained weirdness and controversy in equal measure and 2019 is no different. So sit back, relax and let Calum take you through our top 5 things took out for in this […]

  • TV BAFTAs Round-Up
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    The stars were out in force last night for the TV BAFTAs at London’s Royal Festival Hall. Here’s a round-up of all the most important bits from another fantastic year. On the red carpet, ‘This Country’ actress Daisy May Cooper made headlines after deciding to don a dress made entirely from bin bags. However, viewers […]

  • Leave Means Leave March
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    Thousands of protestors gathered in parliament square on the day that Brexit was meant to happen. Some had marched from as far as Sunderland over the last two weeks to be there, all in an effort to support Brexit. On the day when Theresa May’s deal was voted down for the third time, the overriding […]

  • Brexit: What’s Going To Happen?
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    It is exactly four weeks until we leave the European Union on March 29th, how time flies. But as we draw nearer to exit day it still remains unclear what, if any, kind of Brexit were going to have. Luckily, we have a guide to the most likely scenarios going into the final weeks of […]

  • OSCARs‚Äč 2019 Round-Up
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    Award season came to an end last night with the 91st Academy Awards in LA. So, in case you missed it, here is a round-up of all the highlights from this year’s Oscars. We all know that Kevin Hart pulled out of hosting after controversy over some old homophobic tweets. However, it seemed like it […]

  • Kids Go On Strike Against Climate Change
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    Today kids from schools across London descended on Parliament to protest about climate change. This was part of a UK wide strike taking place in over 50 cities across the country. Their main demand is that the government declare a ‘climate emergency’ and begin to inform the public about the seriousness of the issue. The […]