5 Reasons to Dine at ‘Home Restaurants’ aka Supper Clubs

Supper Clubs have been mushrooming all over London. A cook who is usually passionate about their cooking and cuisine plays host and invites diners by publishing a food and beverage menu with seat availability on their dining table. Diners may then sign up for a paid dining experience with other diners usually at the host’s private residence. So wouldn’t you rather just go to a restaurant? Why should one dine at some stranger’s home?

Here’s why.

1. Tickle your worldly palate

Balinese fusion, Indian chai party, Japanese Zen temple inspired cuisine, Selera Malay food, Swedish Viking feast, Syrian cooking, Pescatarian, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free themed menus, supper clubs offer you variety in world cuisine.  If you ever wanted Asian food, sure there are a number of Pan Asian restaurants in town with popular Thai or Chinese food on the menu. But can you actually find a restaurant that has specialised Malay, Syrian or Balinese cuisine? No. But with supper clubs, you can choose from a range of pre-published menus serving cuisine from across the globe tickling your worldly palate.

2. Good value for hunger

Here’s the thing. How many times have we dined in a restaurant spending ££ on well presented food that would make great photos for glossies but have felt cheated because we were still a little hungry and consoled ourselves that the ambience was good, the views were great and blah? Depending on the menu, dining a 3 course meal at  supper clubs may cost anywhere from £15-£45. The more exotic, rare and authentic the cuisine, the pricier it may be. The plus here though is in potion sizes. You will seldom be left wanting for more at a supper club. Some hosts offer taster menus with courses as high as 5-9 dishes.

3. Specialised Needs

Allergic to gluten, diary or nuts? Maybe you are in the mood to go pescatarian. Maybe you are vegan or have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and have been asked to go sugar-free.  While restaurants may broadly cater to such special needs, we’d all agree that such restaurants are few and far between. At a supper club, you receive full attention from the host who is flexible in catering to your special requests .

4. Intimate Dining Experience

Supper clubs at the end of the day are home restaurants offering a private dining experience. The idea of being invited for dinner at somebody’s home by itself is special. There’s also something cosy about dining with a select few and receiving focused attention from fellow diners and the host. Be it sharing that story about your trip to Vietnam or watching pictures of your host’s family by the staircase, dining in another’s home offers an intimate experience.

5. Socialising over food

Maybe you are a business traveler passing by and want to connect with locals. Maybe you are new to town looking for friends. Maybe you are an international student longing for food from your country. Maybe you are alone and would not like to dine alone at restaurants all by yourself . Maybe you are starting over looking to reconnect with people. Whatever the situation, supper clubs offer the perfect social platform. You may actually end up exchanging contacts, bonding with another and making some real friends over food.

Photo Courtesy:  Giuseppe Torelli’s Italian Supper Club

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