Arabian Garden (Restaurant)

Arabian Garden

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On October 6, 2016
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Run by a husband and wife team from Algeria and Lebanon respectively, the Arabian Garden restaurant in Stratford, East London stands out on the High Street as a must-visit. The inviting exterior opens into a restaurant with distinctly Middle Eastern ambience and an elegant sense of space from the well positioned décor and dining areas.

 The friendly staff are on hand to advise on dishes, which is welcome because some of the meals are for an exotic palate whilst others are more suited to those who want a familiar taste of London mixed into their dining experience somewhere. Well why would the latter be dining out in the first place you may well ask! Well anyway you can have the best of both worlds by opting for a starter of Kibeh Shamieh with a main course of Chicken Shawarma. The Kibeh Shamieh is definitively Arabic. Egg-sized and golden brown they are made from bulgar wheat and stuffed with mince meat and onions, – and there’s four of them finely spiced with all the elements of the Middle East. Pleasing and moreish.

The main course of Chicken Shawarma can come with either Arabic Buttery Rice or chips. The meat cuts are similar to those from your more familiar Turkish kebabs yet here marinated in a way that separates them out as an Arabic delicacy. Again, one might be well-advised to seek the waiter’s expert knowledge to ensure your delivered dish is a match for your sense of adventure.

 Arabian Garden, The Grove, Stratford London E15 1NS 

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