Can Anyone Make Friends in London?


According to research done by City Index, more than 50% of people living in London feel lonely. This might sound far-fetched considering the fact that London lures visitors with endless activities and has a population of over 9 million people. Besides, the city is filled with some of the best marvels in the world.

This article reflects on why London is one of the loneliest cities to live in and how you can make friends while there.

Why People Living in London Feel Lonely?

When visiting London for the first time, you might assume the city is lively since you will be surrounded by more people than anything else. Surprisingly, you will be shocked to know that even trying a social life may fail to help in this situation. So why is it that London feels so lonely for most people?

1.    London is a Huge City

London is a big city. Therefore, commuting from one place to meet someone might take you at least an hour. This will give you a hard time to socialise unless you have a close friend living nearby. That means, even if you have a part-time job where you can take a few minutes to meet with friends, it might not help while in this city.

2.    Work

Work is another contributing factor to loneliness in London. Of course, no one wants to talk about work all the time, especially if you are meeting people for the first time. Even if you decide to hang out with colleagues, talking about work all the time can be boring.

Besides, after a 10-hour work day, not everyone will have the willpower to socialise. Most people spend 2 to 4 hours per day commuting to and from work, which leaves them with little time to socialise.

3.    Individualism

Although you can meet people easily in London, not everyone wants an attachment. Most Londoners don’t like putting effort into making social relationships work, probably because they are usually busy.

Besides, tight working schedules leave them with little time to do other things. Therefore, it can be hard to plan a social life in London. Even planning a spontaneous dinner with someone becomes a challenge in this city.

Conversation Topics You Can Start With a Londoner

Even if you are not a native Londoner, there are some English topics you can use to strike up a conversation with Londoners. However, it can be challenging if you don’t understand their culture. Here are some topics you can use when meeting new people in London.

1.    Football

London is home to the biggest football fanbase in the world, which explains why online casinos operating in London, such as Lottoland, feature football betting on their portfolios. There is no better way to start a conversation with a Londoner than to start a football discussion. To get by, start visiting joints where football is broadcasted live. This way, you can engage in a match discussion during half-time after the game. Of course, you must be a football fan to be able to give opinions on football matches. If not, continue reading to discover other ways to engage Londoners.

2.    Learn About London’s Beer Culture

Another excellent way to be part of the local community in London is by leveraging their beer culture. Just head over to a cosy taproom and interact with new people. This way, you will experience the authenticity of supporting small businesses in London and be part of the community.

However, there are a few basic things to note when visiting taprooms for the first time. For instance, Londoners call golden-coloured beers “lager,” while the traditional brown beer is known as “bitter.” You can try these drinks out and compare tasting notes with the locals.

3.    The Weather

Weather is a safe topic for most settings in London. You can discuss it in a lift, pub, local park, or any place where people are free to socialise. After all, most Brits like to complain about their infamous grey and rainy weather.

Of course, there is a local dialect you must use to fit in. For instance, when someone says, “it’s spitting,” they mean that the rain is very light; when they say, “it’s pouring, ” they mean the rain is very heavy.


Although London is one of the loneliest cities globally, you cannot miss a way to get by. You can take some time off your tight schedule and master a British chit-chat skill to avoid the infamous loneliness. You can also combine socialising with London’s local activities such as shopping, architecture, museums, historic sites, galleries, etc.

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