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  • Top 3 Casino Movies With British Actors
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    If you’re a fan of casino movies, you’ll love this list of the top three films with British actors, with glamour and elegance guaranteed! From Bond flicks to modern classics to underrated gems, this list of the top 3 casino movies with British actors, is among the very best and most exhaustive out there – […]

  • Remote Working
    Tips for Managers of Remote Teams: How To Make Things Exciting
    Posted in: Features, People, Places

    The pandemic changed the working world and accelerated the transition from the traditional office working setup to online remote working. Some companies did exceptionally well and saw their productivity levels rise and, as a result, decided to permanently switch to having their staff carry out hybrid or remote work permanently. However, your staff needs to […]

  • Indiana Jones 5
    Keeping up with Indiana Jones: What We Know About the New Movie
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    Intrepid adventurers don’t come much more iconic than Indiana Jones. So, when it was announced that the latest movie featuring the legendary movie character was coming to London, the UK public was excited. Not only will there be a new instalment in the film series, but the English capital will be at the epicentre of […]

  • The Matrix
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      Every decade comes with science fiction films that capture the public’s imagination and forever shape entertainment discourse, but few can boast the legacy of the Matrix. Released in 1999 and followed by two sequels in 2003, The Matrix has become a cultural touchstone, reaching far beyond the confines of the mere film. With a […]

  • Has London's 'Death of the highstreet' been exaggerated?
    Has London’s ‘Death of the highstreet’ been exaggerated?
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    There are now hundreds of videos online of intrepid urban explorers making their way through the cavernous remains of abandoned shopping malls and retail stores across Europe and North America. The videos have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and it is hard not to hold your breath as the explorers (or depending on […]

  • move-2481718_1920
    5 Reasons You Should Use Self-Storage When Moving House
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    With the stamp duty holiday extended till June 2021, more people now in England are jumping on to the property ladder than ever before. However, moving house can be a stressful and unsettling time for people. Even though it is exciting, it will require a lot of time and money in order to run smoothly. […]

  • 4 Tips for Buying Luxury Property in a Buyer’s Market
    4 Tips for Buying Luxury Property in a Buyer’s Market
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    Economic downturns usually mean that the housing market will turn in favour of buyers. While housing markets seem to be resilient, this might only be a lure. The Centre for Economics and Business Research, a leading consultancy organisation based in London, expects house prices to fall by around 13.8% next year, and that’s one of […]

  • London
    Top Tips for Saving Money in London
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    Living in the capital city of the United Kingdom is exciting and full of opportunities to do new things and meet new people, however, it isn’t a secret that it can be expensive. Despite London salaries being higher than national, it can be tricky to save money when prices are also high and the temptation to […]

  • Lock
    High-Octane Fun and Games Online
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    With the current lockdown, it’s easier than ever to entertain yourself from the comfort of your sofa using laptops, tablets and phones. We bring to you the best and latest games and activities online that will challenge, entertain and enthral in equal measure. Some of the games and sectors have been around for decades, but […]