Points on Your License: How it can Affect Insurance for London Drivers

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Points on your license can be given as a penalty for several different things. There are so many drivers and cars in London, which means the relevant authorities will keep a close eye on matters to keep everyone safe. In 2021 alone,there was 18.5 billion vehicle miles of traffic in London. A driver in London may pick up points for one reason or another. The good news is that they don’t last forever, so even if you have slipped up and been caught going over the speed limit on the road, you can turn the situation around by driving more carefully in the future and sticking to the rules of the road.

Points on your licence will last around three years, depending on the offence. A speeding offencewill usually incur three points on your license, except if it is your first offence. If it’s your first speeding offence, you will usually be offered the option to waive the points by taking a speeding course instead with the main aim of becoming a better driver in future. For London drivers seeking more information on how points on your license can affect your insurance, this article will be for you.

How Points Affect Your Insurance

If you have points on your license, then you are required to declare them when you are insuring your car. If you have gotten points and your car is already insured, then you will need to let your insurance company know straight away, otherwise you are running the risk of the insurance being invalid. It may be best to speak to other London-based drivers who have had points previously. They will be best placed to offer you relevant advice on how it affected their insurance.

Will Points Seriously Increase my Insurance Price?

You can usually expect your car insurance prices to rise a little at least if you have points on your license. This is because insurance companies will look at your level of risk when determining how much to charge you. If you have been caught speeding and have received points for it, then this tells the insurance company that you might be a higher risk than others on the road. You can get a better idea of how much car insurance with points might cost by filling in your details on sites such as  QuoteZone. You may be able to find London-based insurers who could have relevant policies for London. At the very least, they will have more knowledge and insight on the insurance scene in London. For example, it’s possible that you will pay more of a premium in London compared to the countryside, due to a small popular density, but it can vary.

How to Reduce the Cost of Insurance with Points for Speeding

The good news is that car insurance companies look at a range of factors when determining how much your premium will be. Even if you have points on your license, there are other things that will go into determining the price. Therefore, there are several things that you can do to reduce your premiums, even after you have been caught speeding. For example, driving a car with more safety features will lower your risk and therefore your premiums. Using a dash cam can also help to bring the cost of your car insurance down, as will driving fewer miles. Living in the centre of London can also increase the insurance price. Moving to the outskirts could help you save some money, especially after receiving some points for speeding on your license. Consider the zone you and area you live in London.

If you’ve gone past a speed camera over the speed limit, been caught and received points, there’s no need to panic about your insurance prices. While points on your license will need to be declared to your insurer, there are several other factors that determine how much you will pay.



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