Interview with Singer/Songwriter Riva Taylor

Singer/songwriter Riva Taylor releases new single Running at Walls
Singer/Songwriter Riva Taylor hails from Hammersmith, West London. Here she chats to What’s Hot London? about her latest single Running at Walls.
Tell us about your new single ‘Running at Walls’

I wrote this song a year ago with an amazing songwriter and friend, James Walsh, and I’m so happy to be launching the music video this week which uses movement to explore the pushes, pulls and the ‘brick walls’ of a romantic relationship.

Moving out of the summer happiness and into autumn has always felt exposing for me as things change around us. The temperature drops, kids go back to school, leaves fall from the trees.  This is a song about Autumn laying bare the reality of a situation that summer has covered up. 
What inspires your music?
Ha, that’s a tricky one! I’m always being inspired by what I see, and hear! Always observing. 
Places inspire me – I love to travel and I particularly love the US. LA has become something of a second home to me and allowed me to spend time with some amazingly talented musicians and producers.
All have their own story of struggle, defiance and ultimate success on a global scale. It’s been inspiring to hear their stories of working with the greats like Michael Jackson, Streisand and Beyoncé. The energy surrounding these people is that every musician is equal and anything is possible. 

Other artists inspire me – I think Lady Gaga’s musical and artistic parameters are fascinating and love that she can do both bold, mainstream pop but also nail a classic and collaborate with someone like Tony Bennett. I think Adele is amazing, I think she has shown us all that quality artists making great music can still break through in a big and traditional way and sell albums in spite of so many changes in the industry and the way we all consume music now. 

Who are your favourite music artists?
So many! Already mentioned a couple above. Right now I’m loving Yebba, I cant wait to hear what’s next form her. I’m also listening to Grace and Swedish singer Leon. I grew up listening to Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Sade so they are always my go-to when I’m in a nostalgic kind of mood.
Anyone you would like to collaborate with?
Muse. I’d love to create something epic with them. I’d also like to write and record a soppy ballad with Sam Smith 🙂 I have great memories of performing alongside him years ago at a few events in town before he hit the big time. What a voice!
What’s next for Riva Taylor? 
More music releases. We have the next one all prepped and ready to go in a few weeks. I’ve had this one under wraps a long time and I’m looking forward to hearing what people think. 
Favourite venue to perform at in London?  
Can I say the Albert Hall? it was the first place I performed as a recording artist when I was 12 and have so many fond memories of that, and a few more performances thereafter – the dressing rooms, the excited, nervous energy, and of course the thrill of standing there looking at the audience in the round. Such a great venue and funnily enough, now I live close by so I walk by often! And I always think back to those special occasions.
Do you have any upcoming gigs to tell our readers about?
Stay tuned to my social channels for more info – an intimate gig in a London venue to be announced soon!
Favourite things to do in London?
Whenever I’m away travelling I follow a pattern of falling even deeper in love with this city, its quirks and its charm. I’m in this phase at the moment so this is a great question! I always enjoy trying hot and interesting restaurants that open – recent faves are Gold in Notting Hill, and Sri Lankan restaurant Hoppers.
Also love to get my creative inspiration from art exhibitions and theatre so will try to keep on top of the culture scene – visit a gallery or watch a show a few times a month if I can. Next on the list is the William Blake exhibition at The Tate. 
Riva Taylor’s new single Running at Walls is out now! View the official music video
Interview by Lynn Carratt
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