Pergola on the Roof (Restaurant & Bar)

Pergola on the Roof

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On August 2, 2016
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A bar on a roof top is no new thing but when it’s on top of a multi-storey car park roof at the Television Centre, Wood Lane you’d better believe it’s going to become a cosy media hang. Location! Location! Location! as they say. A distinctly Mediterranean feel with showy cocktails, whitewashed walls and white beach rocks under foot make this a summer must-see. And all this beneath a canopy of flowers, the beautiful hanging gardens capping the sunny-Med atmos.

Described as one Europe’s largest temporary pergolas this 400 seater lies 170ft over West London on BBC’s former offices. Four restaurants operate in partnership there – French rotisserie Le Coq, gourmet burger bar Patty & Bun, farmed and foraged food from Chelsea’s Rabbit and Italian/Spanish charcuterie restaurant Salt Yard.

There’s little publicity about this pop-up eatery so this gourmet hang remains White City’s guilty little pleasure until August 29th when British summer weather usually ends! Although it’s open to all, pre-booking a table is advised because it’s a busy hot spot with little chance of an on-the-spot table although the bar area is always free!


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