Tips for Managers of Remote Teams: How To Make Things Exciting

Remote Working

The pandemic changed the working world and accelerated the transition from the traditional office working setup to online remote working. Some companies did exceptionally well and saw their productivity levels rise and, as a result, decided to permanently switch to having their staff carry out hybrid or remote work permanently. However, your staff needs to remain highly motivated when working from home, and managers must doall they can to ensure employees stay focussed and alert to hit key goals. We’ve come up with these tips on how managers of remote teams can help make things exciting for staff. Carry on reading to learn more.

Put Forward Ideas for Fun Work Social Events

Some of your team may start to feel a little lonely after spending a long time working from home and be eager to socialise. After constantly communicating over a screen, it should be nice for your employees to finally meet their colleagues. Try and look for avenues into ways you can get colleagues to meet up in the flesh. Why not propose fun work social events where the team you manage can get together and have a good giggle? Exciting work social event ideas may include escape rooms, paintballing, assault courses, darts, go-karting, a bar crawl, or visiting tasty restaurants. If most of your team lives in and around the London area, put on cool work socials in London.

Come up with Engaging Online Quizzes

Maybe you are aware that some members of your team have general knowledge in abundance and enjoy doing quizzes. Putting on fun-filled online quizzes now and then can make working from home more exciting for your staff. They can focus their brilliant minds on something other than work.

In order to organise everyone, communicate, and run online quizzes with your team, your company will need to have an efficient IT system. Downtime and your systems going down will prevent you from being able to put on joyous online quizzes. There are IT companies in London that offer effective IT support services to companies by keeping things up and running for remote working. For most modern businesses, particularly those with a large portion of remote staff, having top-notch IT support is essential for survival. 

Incentivise and Reward Remote Employees

As a manager, communicate with your company’s director(s) and discuss ways you can incentivise your employees to make things more exciting. What cool perks can you come up with? Of course, performance-based pay bonuses alwaysprovide staff with a motivational boost, but you can do many other things to encourage your remote workforce to deliver results. For instance, offering employees who hit company targets things like free gym memberships, vouchers and lucrative discounts for popular retailers, sports and music concert tickets, and private health care coverage.

You have to show your hard-working staff that you appreciate and valueall the effort they put in daily. Everyone loves a holiday and the opportunity to have a relaxing break and take some time off work. One great way to incentivise your remote working employees can be to offer extra days holiday to them as a reward for outstanding performance.



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