Heavy Metal Yoga

One wouldn’t immediately associate this loud and aggressive rock genre with the peaceful, spiritual healing of yoga but in a rapidly changing world where West meets East, such a concept was inevitable.

Launched by Stubhub at Gymbox (Bank), you get to ditch Kundalini clothes and don Metallica and Iron Maiden teeshirts. These unconventional yoga classes will have you headbanging during your Virabhadrasana I Warrior poses and moshing your way through your Sukhasana.

The organisers promise to prep the metal crowd for the forthcoming spring/summer festivals by paradoxically calming the spirit while revving you up like a Rock God. The surefire attraction to such an event must be the how? Perhaps also the why? And with this in mind, you’ll probably be led by no ordinary yogi with all the answers. A Bruce Dickinson or James Hetfield type who’s more Bat Out of Hell than Bishram.

The question is will it heal your inner demons or introduce you to a couple more? Sign up for a first 45-minute class on Friday 21st April to find out. Will suit early birds as it starts 8am and runs every Friday for six weeks.

Heavy Metal Yoga, Gymbox, 71 Lombard St, London, EC3V 9AY. Free for Gymbox members, £20 for non-members.

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