• A Quiet Place (Film)
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    A QUIET PLACE is a pretty quiet film. In fact, after a couple of scenes, you’ll get the impression you are watching a silent movie. The characters rarely speak so as to prolong their survival in an environment where blind reptilian extraterrestrials hunt down anything they can hear. Their lack of sight evens up the […]

  • Feast Bar (Restaurant)
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    A Feast of Dining Options in White City The Incipio Group have made it their mission to put White City on the map as the capital’s premier location for bars and restaurants with a difference. The drinking and dining specialists behind the bespoke Pergola on the Roof eatery in Wood Lane have struck again with […]

  • Alcotraz: A Bar Where The Clink Isn’t Just The Sound Of Cocktail Glasses
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    Alcotraz, a bar that’s based on the real Alcatraz Prison and where you’re put in cells and wear prison-issue orange jumpsuits. Why put yourself through the lock up and the mean-spirited authority of the no-nonsense southern state prison guards? Well Alcotraz Bar on Brick Lane will answer that in one wild and weird immersive experience […]

  • Get Out (Film)
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    “Your parents know I’m black don’t they?” asks Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) as girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) prepares to take him to the lakeside estates of Upstate New York to meet the, on the face of it, middle-class liberal mum and dad. And so begins Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner horror style circa 2017. The characterisation […]

  • Nordic Cafes in the Christmas Countdown (Restaurants)
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    The Nordic nations of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are known for celebrating the festive season with that unique Scandinavian flavour, so a December visit to their London eateries will be that bit special. There’s the Scandinavian Kitchen in Great Titchfield Street, W1, Curious Yellow Kafe, Old Street and Nordic Bakeries in Covent Garden, Soho, […]

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Film)
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    Whether you’re a Star Wars old timer who believes that there’s been nothing to touch A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi or a Gareth Edwards or J.J Abrams fan, you’ll soon agree on one thing – The Last Jedi has made the franchise a Force to be reckoned with […]

  • Mandelbrot the Magnificent (Book)
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    Author Liz Ziemska describes herself as a ‘writer of slightly strange fiction’ and her latest book, steeped in the wonders of complex mathematics and the snatched innocence of childhood, holds true to this. Set in a Jewish community in Warsaw, Poland, six-year-old Benoit lives a comfortable life with his dentist mother, tailor father and younger […]