Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
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London Turns Red White And Blue For Jubilee Pageant And Thanksgiving Service Westminster and St Paul’s In her 70th year on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates being the longest-serving British monarch. The streets around St Paul’s Cathedral swelled with crowds tryng to inch closer for a better view of royals and dignitaries. The Queen […]

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Top 3 Casino Movies With British Actors
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If you’re a fan of casino movies, you’ll love this list of the top three films with British actors, with glamour and elegance guaranteed! From Bond flicks to modern classics to underrated gems, this list of the top 3 casino movies with British actors, is among the very best and most exhaustive out there – […]

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Mahtab Hussain

  • Mahtab Hussain: You Get Me? (Exhibition)
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    “I feel unwanted here. People still say ‘go back to where you are from.” This simple quote on the walls of the ABP Autograph gallery sums up the sense of isolation and disconnection felt by certain male Muslim members of Britain’s working class communities now documented in an exhibition by Mahtab Hussain. It also examines […]