Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
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London Turns Red White And Blue For Jubilee Pageant And Thanksgiving Service Westminster and St Paul’s In her 70th year on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates being the longest-serving British monarch. The streets around St Paul’s Cathedral swelled with crowds tryng to inch closer for a better view of royals and dignitaries. The Queen […]

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Top 3 Casino Movies With British Actors
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If you’re a fan of casino movies, you’ll love this list of the top three films with British actors, with glamour and elegance guaranteed! From Bond flicks to modern classics to underrated gems, this list of the top 3 casino movies with British actors, is among the very best and most exhaustive out there – […]

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plastic pollution

  • Tackling the Global Plastic Bag Crisis: The UK Approach
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    IN 2015 The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs introduced a 5p charge for plastic bags at shops that employed more than 250 people. This was Britain’s first step towards tackling a global plastic crisis that has seen oceans and waterways littered with waste, which will take 500 years to decompose. Like many environmental […]